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Architectural Design:

In the dynamic world of real estate development, finding the right architectural partner can make all the difference. With Votproject, you have a partner that understands your ambitions, aligns with your values, and is dedicated to turning your real estate dreams into thriving realities. We invite you to connect with us, embark on this architectural adventure, and make your mark in the world of real estate!
The architecture design process can be categorized into the following phases:​

- Establishing Your Goals

Your architectural journey begins with a conversation with one of our dedicated team members. We prioritize understanding your goals and aspirations, allowing us to recommend a strategic approach that aligns with your unique needs. This initial consultation provides you with a clear understanding of how Votproject will navigate the complexities of architectural design to turn your vision into reality.

- Preliminary Design

The pre-design phase serves as the foundation, assessing feasibility and setting the stage for conceptualization. As we progress to the conceptual design phase, ideas are refined, and concepts are translated into detailed forms, striking a delicate balance between creativity and practicality. Collaborative efforts and stakeholder approval are integral, with regular design meetings.

- Design Development and Construction Documentation

Refinement takes center stage in the Design Development phase, where technical details are addressed, and systems are coordinated. Transitioning to the Construction Documentation phase, detailed documentation is created, ensuring clarity and compliance with regulations. This includes architectural drawings, as well as structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. The successful completion of these phases paves the way for the construction phase, realizing the architectural vision meticulously crafted during the design process.

- Permit Acquisition

Navigating the regulatory landscape, obtaining necessary approvals, and ensuring legal authorization for construction characterize the permitting phase. Successful completion of this crucial step sets the stage for construction to proceed in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

- Construction Administration

The Construction Administration phase involves active oversight, communication, and issue resolution to ensure that the construction process aligns seamlessly with the approved design and meets stringent quality standards. Successful completion of this phase marks the final handover of the project to the client, marking the realization of the architectural vision.

In essence, our architectural design services encapsulate a holistic and iterative process, blending creativity, technical expertise, and regulatory acumen. With us as your partner, you can be confident that your architectural aspirations will be translated into a tangible and remarkable reality, surpassing expectations at every turn.

Interior Design:

Transform Your Space with Our Expert Interior Design Services

Are you yearning for a home or office space that perfectly reflects your style and personality? Look no further! Our interior design services are here to turn your vision into reality.

- Elevate Your Living Spaces

Our experienced team of interior designers is dedicated to creating bespoke designs that suit your taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a cozy, traditional atmosphere, we've got you covered. We specialize in crafting interiors that not only look stunning but also function seamlessly.

- Personalized Approach

At Votproject, we believe that every client is unique, and so should be their space. Our interior design services are tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your style, budget, and requirements, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience.

- From Concept to Completion

Our comprehensive interior design services cover every aspect of the design process. From initial concept creation and space planning to selecting the perfect color palette, furniture, and accessories, we take care of it all. Sit back, relax, and watch as your space transforms into a reflection of your personality.

3D Exterior rendering:

Let's begin by defining what an exterior 3D render is. It involves creating a photorealistic image using 3D rendering software, typically portraying a building that is either yet to be constructed or undergoing reconstruction.​

What are the Stages of Creating 3D Visualization?

​Starting with a drawn sketch or 2D drawings, the process progresses based on the available materials. The initial step is to develop a 3D model, often done in a single software for efficiency at Votproject, we use Autodesk Revit.

Subsequently, this model is imported into a specialized 3D rendering program. For 3d rendering, we utilize Autodesk 3ds Max with the Corona plugin, adjusting lighting, assigning materials, and defining angles for the visualization project.

Following the initial rendering, two additional rounds of edits are typically performed to achieve the desired perfection in the 3D rendering.

- Clarity in Communication

Architectural rendering isn't just about creating pretty pictures, it's a communication game-changer. It eliminates room for misunderstandings and ambiguity, replacing verbal descriptions with crystal-clear visual representations. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to precise understanding.​

- Efficiency in Time and Resources

Time is of the essence in real estate development, and architectural rendering is your ally in maximizing it. By ensuring that everyone shares the same vision from the start, you minimize the need for numerous revisions and costly errors. This seamless coordination ensures projects run efficiently, ultimately leading to financial gains.

- Improving ROI Through Visualization

One of the most compelling aspects of architectural rendering is its potential to enhance return on investment (ROI). By allowing investors and clients to visualize the end product early in the process, you're not just saving time and resources; you're also attracting more financial support.

Imagine presenting a 3D rendering of a commercial property development that showcases its potential for foot traffic, tenant satisfaction, and revenue streams. Investors, seeing the project's profitability in vivid detail, are more likely to commit capital. This results in faster project execution and quicker returns on investment.

- The 'Wow' Effect

Who wouldn't want their audience to be amazed by their project vision? Architectural rendering's ultimate goal is to deliver that 'wow' factor. It's about creating a visual experience that leaves a lasting impact on clients, investors, and partners, igniting a sense of anticipation and excitement.

- How much does exterior rendering cost?

The cost of a specific exterior rendering project varies based on factors such as task complexity, the required number of renders, and the architectural style. Additionally, the estimate is influenced by the working hours invested by our 3D artists. To receive an estimate for your specific exterior rendering project, please reach out to us via Email or phone or any convinient option for you.

Architectural animation:

When you watch an architectural animation, you're not just watching. you're inside the design. It's an immersive journey. If it's a house, you can go from the living room to the kitchen, check out the bedroom, and step onto the porch. You can see it all in 3D glory.

Architectural animation is not just a tool, it's your ticket to experiencing the future before it's built. It's your chance to walk through spaces, explore designs, and see your dreams take shape in 3D.

When you immerse yourself in an architectural animation, it's like stepping into a whole new world. You're not merely a passive observer; you become an active explorer.

 Imagine it's a house you're exploring – you can effortlessly move from the cozy living room to the inviting kitchen, sneak a peek into the tranquil bedroom, and even take a leisurely stroll onto the welcoming porch. It's a 3D adventure that unfolds right before your eyes.

Architectural animation is your ultimate passport to a sneak peek into the future. It's your golden ticket to walking through spaces, delving into designs, and witnessing your dreams come alive in mesmerizing 3D.

Whether you're envisioning a snug and charming home, a sleek and stylish office space, or a grand and imposing skyscraper, this enchanting technology allows you to step inside the world of your architectural dreams. It's not just another video; it's your personal tour guide to a realm that hasn't been built yet. 

Think of it more as a personal tour guide than a mere video. It's not just about visuals; it's about immersing yourself, feeling the space, and envisioning your life within those walls. So, are you ready for this unparalleled adventure? Let’s turn your dreams into a 3D reality!

Residential Rendering: 

More Than Just Pretty Pictures.​When it comes to sprucing up your living space, you might think of interior decorators, architects, and color swatches, but have you considered the power of residential rendering services? It's not just about creating visually appealing images; it's about transforming your ideas into a virtual reality that goes beyond aesthetics. Let's delve into why residential rendering is a game-changer in the world of design.

- Seeing Is Believing: Beyond Aesthetics

Residential rendering is like a magic wand that turns your dreams and ideas into tangible visuals. It's not just about pretty pictures; it's about understanding how every design choice fits into your space. It's the key to helping you see the bigger picture.

Imagine you're redesigning your living room. Instead of just visualizing it in your mind's eye, residential rendering can bring it to life on your screen. You can explore different color schemes, furniture arrangements, and even lighting options. It's a bit like test-driving your design choices before making them a reality.

- Empowering Design Decisions

Residential rendering empowers you to make informed design decisions. It's your design partner that allows you to experiment, make changes, and fine-tune your ideas without the commitment of a costly renovation. With this tool in your arsenal, you can confidently explore various design possibilities.

​For instance, you can try out a daring accent wall, play with various furniture layouts, or experiment with contrasting textures—all without lifting a hammer. It's like having a crystal ball that reveals the future of your design, ensuring that it aligns with your vision.

- Residential Rendering: Your Financial Ally

In the world of design, residential rendering is not just a fancy tool, it's your financial ally. It guides you in making informed decisions, prevents costly design mishaps, and adds significant value to your property. So, don't just think of it as creating beautiful images; think of it as a strategic move for your financial peace of mind.​

Let your budget take a deep breath of relief as your design visions come to life. With residential rendering services, you can confidently navigate the design process, knowing that you're making choices that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also financially sound. It's the magic wand that brings your ideas to life while protecting your wallet.



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