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Who I Work With

Navigating the complex world of real estate development requires a dedicated and experienced team. At Votproject, we understand that you can't achieve success in this industry alone. That's why we've assembled a dynamic team of skilled professionals who are deeply committed to ensuring your projects are not just completed on time but with precision and excellence.

Our team comprises a diverse group of experts, including seasoned architects with a wealth of experience in the real estate industry. Their extensive knowledge of market trends, local regulations, and property development, coupled with their innovative thinking, aligns perfectly with the needs of real estate developers like you. They understand your desire to maximize ROI, create sustainable developments, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Our architects have successfully collaborated on a wide range of projects, from urban revitalization in major metropolitan regions to groundbreaking initiatives in emerging real estate markets. They excel at balancing budget constraints while aiming for high returns and ensuring that every project aligns with environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

By choosing Votproject, you're not just partnering with a singular architect; you're gaining access to a comprehensive team that will go the extra mile to meet your specific needs and vision. We invite you to learn more about the expertise and dedication of our team, which is here to support your real estate development journey and drive your success.

Senior Architect and 3D artist


Senior Architect and 3D artist

Roman Votiakov has been working as a Senior Architect here at Votproject since 2016, brilliantly balancing their designs between practical functionality and sheer beauty. Let Roman Votiakov guide you through all the depths of the design process.


Kateryna Bila

Principal CEO

Having been with us since day one, Principal CEO Katrin Bila specializes in projects of all scales, thinking of innovative ideas and space planning designs that are unique to our brand.



Elizabeth Khomenko is in charge of many Votproject projects, and expertly prioritizes tasks and resources. Votproject would definitely not be the same without our incredible Designer.

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