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Biege modern 2 story house interior design

Biege modern 2 story house interior design | Votproject

Here we present our project – an exquisite 2 stroy house interior design crafted by Votproject. This stunning residence boasts 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, and spans a total area of 1650 square feet, stands as a testament to modern minimalistic living.

In the Heart of the House

​At the heart of the house resides a central space that seamlessly blends the living room and kitchen, meticulously crafted to establish a harmonious and functional living area. Enhancing the walls are refined wooden white oak furniture panels, reaching from floor to ceiling. The majority of the walls are adorned in a light biege hue, contributing to a minimalist aesthetic that unifies all the interconnected spaces.

Work Area in the Kitchen
​The countertop itself is crafted from marble with red vains . The island countertop are made of wood. An integral element of the living room design is light fixture situated above the  the island, complemented by two half-bar stools.

​To optimize space and maintain a streamlined appearance, the refrigerator is discreetly hidden betwen a cabinet adjacent to the one housing the microwave and oven. These thoughtful design solutions not only enhance the kitchen's functionality but also contribute to a cohesive and visually pleasing experience for both occupants and guests.

Round Corners for a Distinctive Touch

Adding to the allure of this exquisite design are the round corners incorporated into the countertop on the island and the kitchen cabinet. This deliberate choice complements the overall circular theme, harmonizing with the round design of the sofa and the architectural radiators. The attention to detail in incorporating these rounded elements enhances the visual appeal and creates a sense of unity throughout the living space.

White Oak Flooring

The flooring, features tiles measuring 6 inches in width and 47 inches in length. To enhance durability on the ground floor, we opted for ceramic tiles with a white oak texture. Conversely, on the first floor, where such durability isn't a primary concern, we chose white oak laminate. This thoughtful selection contributes to a seamless sense of continuity and unity throughout all the rooms.

Office design

On the first floor, an office designed for the homeowner features a spacious opencloset for storing literature and personal objects.


Adjacent to it is a guest bathroom, adorned with beige textured tiles that harmonize seamlessly with the overall design of the house.

Moving to the upper level

The master bathroom boasts an exquisite combination of wood and gold-veined marble stone tiles, adding a touch of opulence that perfectly complements the home's overarching design theme.

The captivating workshop room on this floor serves as the focal point of the homeowner's creativity and inspiration. What distinguishes this room is its abundant storage space catering to creative endeavors.

The master bedroom enjoys discreet separation by a wall adorned with wooden furniture panels. Concealed behind this partition is a dedicated dressing table, providing a special space for the homeowner.

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