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The Modern Barn House by Votproject

The Modern Barn House by Votproject

Visualize a 1 story house exterior design. Our client's vision was clear: a home that not only provides a comfortable retreat but also establishes a visual dialogue with the adjacent nature. To fulfill this vision, we strategically integrated expansive windows, effortlessly merging the beauty of nature with the interior space.

Despite its modest footprint of 1600 square feet, this mansion exemplifies meticulous architectural design. Boasting one bedroom and one bathroom, it stands as a testament to thoughtful planning, offering an intimate living space that harmonizes comfort with style.


Rustic Elegance with a Contemporary Architectural Twist:

The exterior facade embodies a harmonious fusion of rustic and modern aesthetics. The black metal seam roof gracefully extends, forming a sheltered parking space and an inviting terrace at the rear. This not only introduces an air of sophistication but also augments the overall functionality, establishing a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor spaces.

While the facade's brick appearance may give off a simple and traditional vibe at first glance, it's important to note that looks can be deceiving. In reality, the bricks are crafted from concrete tiles, adding a layer of sophistication and modernity to the exterior. This subtle yet impactful detail challenges initial perceptions, showcasing a clever blend of classic aesthetics with contemporary materials for a unique and durable architectural finish.

The facade's wood finish is not derived from natural wood instead, it consists of colored concrete tiles treated with acid. The remarkable resemblance between these tiles and authentic wood makes it nearly impossible to distinguish between the two. Additionally, the wood planks on the fence are not crafted from natural wood; they are also a product of concrete, skillfully replicating the appearance of genuine wood.


You can view another one of our house designs here, showcasing a facade adorned with a natural wood finish.

Here's another example of our house exterior design featuring ceramic wood tiles

Innovative Architectural Roof Construction:

A standout feature of the Modern Barn House lies in its unconventional roof construction, a testament to our commitment to pushing architectural boundaries. Responding to the client's unique vision, we exposed the metal beams on the interior, creating a captivating visual juxtaposition. Wooden beams, rotated 90 degrees where roof insulation placed. This design choice not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also showcases the inherent structural beauty of the building.

Carefully placed windows ensure that every corner of the house is bathed in natural light, fostering a sense of openness and a seamless connection with the outdoors. The expansive windows not only frame picturesque views of the surrounding nature but also invite abundant sunlight, resulting in a luminous and inviting architectural interior.

Certainly, our website showcases only a fraction of the comprehensive project, which encompasses an extensive array of facade drawings, section plans, and intricate details. The meticulous creation of architectural drawings involves leveraging the capabilities of Revit, enabling us to create elevation drawing,  floor plans and detailed sections. Additionally, our proficiency in 3D modeling is powered by 3DS Max, coupled with the cutting-edge Crorona render engine, ensuring the generation of stunning and realistic visualizations that bring the architectural vision to life. This dynamic combination of software tools allows us to provide a holistic representation of our projects, from intricate details to immersive 3D renderings.


At Votproject, we turning architectural dreams into tangible projects. The Modern Barn House is a living testament to our dedication to architectural innovation, functionality, and timeless design. Whether you're a real estate developer seeking a competitive edge or a homeowner yearning for a cozy yet luxurious retreat, this project exemplifies the transformative power of thoughtful architectural design.

Embark on your architectural journey or explore more of our visionary creations at Votproject – where every project is a testament to the architectural brilliance that defines us.

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