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3D Exterior rendering

exterior 3d render LA project

What is an Exterior 3D Render?

Let's begin by defining what an exterior 3D render is. It involves creating a photorealistic image using 3D rendering software, typically portraying a building that is either yet to be constructed or undergoing reconstruction.

What are the Stages of Creating 3D Visualization?

Starting with a drawn sketch or 2D drawings, the process progresses based on the available materials. The initial step is to develop a 3D model, often done in a single software for efficiency; at Votproject, we use Autodesk Revit.

Subsequently, this model is imported into a specialized 3D rendering program. For 3d rendering, we utilize Autodesk 3ds Max with the Corona plugin, adjusting lighting, assigning materials, and defining angles for the visualization project.

Following the initial rendering, two additional rounds of edits are typically performed to achieve the desired perfection in the 3D rendering.

Clarity in Communication

Architectural rendering isn't just about creating pretty pictures; it's a communication game-changer. It eliminates room for misunderstandings and ambiguity, replacing verbal descriptions with crystal-clear visual representations. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to precise understanding.

Efficiency in Time and Resources

Time is of the essence in real estate development, and architectural rendering is your ally in maximizing it. By ensuring that everyone shares the same vision from the start, you minimize the need for numerous revisions and costly errors. This seamless coordination ensures projects run efficiently, ultimately leading to financial gains.

architectural rendering of craftsman style house
architectural rendering native villa with pool

Improving ROI Through Visualization

One of the most compelling aspects of architectural rendering is its potential to enhance return on investment (ROI). By allowing investors and clients to visualize the end product early in the process, you're not just saving time and resources; you're also attracting more financial support.

Imagine presenting a 3D rendering of a commercial property development that showcases its potential for foot traffic, tenant satisfaction, and revenue streams. Investors, seeing the project's profitability in vivid detail, are more likely to commit capital. This results in faster project execution and quicker returns on investment.

The 'Wow' Effect

Who wouldn't want their audience to be amazed by their project vision? Architectural rendering's ultimate goal is to deliver that 'wow' factor. It's about creating a visual experience that leaves a lasting impact on clients, investors, and partners, igniting a sense of anticipation and excitement.

How much does exterior rendering cost?

The cost of a specific exterior rendering project varies based on factors such as task complexity, the required number of renders, and the architectural style. Additionally, the estimate is influenced by the working hours invested by our 3D artists. To receive an estimate for your specific exterior rendering project, please reach out to us via Email or phone or any convinient option for you.

M_street with modern white houses small
architectural rendering of craftsman style house

Architectural Rendering's Impact on Real Estate Development

In the world of real estate development, architectural rendering stands as a powerful tool, poised to redefine your projects and presentations. Its potential is nothing short of transformative, enhancing the way you convey your vision and make critical decisions.

Unleashing the Visual Power

The saying "Seeing is believing" takes on a whole new meaning with architectural rendering. It grants you the ability to transform your concepts into lifelike visuals that resonate with investors, clients, and team members. Think of it as a portal into the future of your property. Through 3D rendering, you can virtually immerse stakeholders in the final project long before it becomes a reality.

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